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Good Daze Studio

Waking the Wild Womb

Waking the Wild Womb

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Movement and Sound Medicine to Unlock the Untamed Feminine.

This event is led by BIPOC women.

Welcome in the Full Moon in Gemini with liberating, beginner-friendly guided movement and a singing bowl sound bath.

Our journey begins with dance, an exploration of the sensual through organic movement. Draw your awareness into your body, moving through different levels of space, unlocking long-held blockages and domesticated patterns that oppress the feminine psyche. Work with movement to explore different pockets in the body that may have become trapped or locked. Liberate the Shakti, Divine Feminine, Kundalini life force energy.

Then relax onto your mat for a singing bowl sound bath, allowing the sonic vibrations to do their work at a cellular level. Practicing movement prior to the sound bath further opens us up to receive sound, promoting deeper relaxation and emotional processing.

How to prepare:

Our doors open 15 minutes prior to the event start time and close once the event begins. Late entry is not permitted, so it’s important to arrive with enough time to settle in.

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that is suitable for movement and helps you tap into your feminine energy.

It is recommended to eat something light about an hour before the session and to be well hydrated as sound and vibration travel better through water.

What to bring:

♥︎ a yoga mat or towel

♥︎ a bottle of water

♥︎ props that may support your comfort during the sound bath (pillow, blanket, bolster, etc.)

♥︎ eye pillow (purchase one here)


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